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We support a fun journey in Morocco.

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Karim Transport is for that every tourists can travel safely and efficiently Morocco,we began in 2016.

Morocco is a country with a variety of face. Desert, sea, plateau, a city of world heritage ….
Europe is not only a close,there is a town of the Spanish Ceuta in Morocco, but also has been entangled Arab, European, and African elements.
There are also four seasons, will be completely different landscape in the spring and winter. In the winter,you can see the snow in spite of the African continent!
We will provide fun and comfortably travel for everyone in such a Morocco.

The driver of Karim was born and grew up in Fes in Morocco.
He knows a lot about Morocco.

It is basic to move by a car in Morocco.It is useful for the travelers to use a bus for going to various places.
But if you use tours,you can go around Morocco efficiently !
Or if you charter a car,your trip will be even more comfortable.

Karim can speak Arabic,French,English and Japanese.
And there are many excellent drivers for Karim Transport.
We will support your journey in Morocco so that the best ones will be.

We will take you anywhere in Morocco!

Fouder & CEO

Karim Laameche