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Sahara & City

Private Tour

※The price is for one person. If 2 or more people participate, the price per person will be lower.

Sahara 3Days

DH 8,000 〜

【3 Days】
From Fes to Marrakech via the Sahara Desert. This tour is recommended for people who want to visit Morocco’s tourist spots efficiently.


DH 1,200 〜

【Day Trip : Duration 13 hours】
From Fes To Chefchaouen.
It is a tour that goes on a day trip to the popular Chefchaouen from Fes.

Fes Medina

DH 500 〜

【4 Hours Tour】
Fes Medina & City Tour.
We will go around Fes city efficiently. An official guide will guide you through the medina.

Small-Group Tour

Sahara 2Days

DH 1,500 〜

【2 Days】
From Fes via Sahara Desert to Marrakech.
You will share the car with other customers and go to the desert.


DH 500 〜

【Day Trip : Duration 13 hours】
This is a tour that takes you from Fes to the popular Chefchaouen, sharing a car with other customers.

IFran & Azrou

DH 300 〜

【Day Trip : Duration 5 hours】
We will visit Ifrane, which is like a European town where it snows in winter, and Azrou, where there are monkeys.

Private Transfer

 From Fes To Chefchaouen : DH 1,400〜
 From Fes To Meknes : DH 1,000〜
 From Fes To Ifran : DH 900〜
 From Fes To Azur : DH 900〜
 From Fes To Sahara Desert : DH 3,000〜
 From Fes To Casabranca : DH 1,800〜
 From Fes To Rabat :  DH 1,500〜
 From Fes City To Fes Airport : DH 200〜
 From Fes to Marrakech : DH 3,200〜
 From Casablanca Airport To Chefchauen : DH 3,500〜
 From Fes Via Chefchauen To Tanger : DH 2,000〜

* All prices are one-way.
* It is also possible to depart from the opposite direction.
* Round trip use is also possible.
* The price is for one car(up to 4 people).
* Please contact us if you wish to move to a place not on the list.
* Prices will change depending on the high season such as New Year holidays.

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I am Karim.

​It is the private tours & driving services starting from Fes.
You can spend comfortable time by the personal travel.
I am  a Moroccan who can speak Arabic , French , English , and Japanese .
Also, there are many excellent drivers for Karim Transport.
It is possible even in places other than those listed on the site .
Please contact me.
I will respond within 24 hours !

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