About Morocco


Valid passport is required more than six months from the entry into Morocco. If a stay of less than three months VISA does not require.


Currency is DH. It is DH10 =about 1 euro. 


You need a chip at the hotel and Restaurant. About 10% of payment is a standard in restaurants. DH 5 ~ 10 for services such as bed making.


There are four seasons. Inland, sea, mountains, desert has different temperature depending on the location.
In general, December, January and February is the most cold season, otherwise it has a mild climate. Desert during the summer, temperatures often also that beyond the 50 ℃.

Drinking water

It is recommended that you buy the mineral water.


You can buy and drink alcohol in the big hotel.


You have to pay by cash in the old town, such as Medina. City taxies is also cash payment.You can use the cards in hotels and luxury restaurant. You can exchange money in town, banks, and ATM.

Business hours

Friday for the prayer of the day will is  changed business hours,or shop will close. Also you must be careful in Ramadan and Eid ul-Adha days.


Country code is 212.

Wifi & SIM

You can use Wifi at the hotel and the almost cafe in new town. You can purchase SIM card in the airport and in the railway of the main city station etc..

Plug and Voltage

Voltage is 220V and 110V. Most is 220V. Plug type is SE type of two hole and C-type of three hole.


Arabic and French. You can use English in a only tourist areas.


65% Arabs
30% Berber
Others, Jews, French, etc.


State religion is Islam.
Most of the people are Sunni Muslim.